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Tianjin BRG Products Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of fertilizers,Website:http://www.brgagri.com, chemicals to domestic and abroad market. We are also one of major exporters of potassium sulphate fertilizer in China market.. Our product includes: ?Ammonium Sulphate ?Urea ?MAP ?DAP ?Potassium Sulphate ?Potassium Nitrate ?Cooper sulphate ?Zinc sulphate ?Ferrous sulphate ?Magnesium sulphate ?Manganese sulphate ?Calcium Nitrate ?Best Products And Service, Responsible Attitude Will Gratify Our Customers" is our business principle, only your success will bring us permanently standing in the market. We invite you to browse our website to learn more details about our company
Products and services
Fertilizer Ammonium sulphate,urea,MAP,DAP,Potassium Sulphate,Potassium Nitrate,Cooper Sulphate,Zinc sulphate,ferrous sulphate,magnesium sulphate,manganese sulphate,Calcium nitrate